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A new germ cell-like state stimulated in mouse ES cells


It is known that the activity of some of the same genes is essential for germ cell differentiation and the maintenance of pluripotency. Here, we chemically induced a cellular state with some molecular markers of male gonocyte induction in male mouse ES cells in vitro, which we termed gonogenic stimulated transition (GoST). Interestingly, the resulting GoST cells differentiated without further stimulation into cells with several markers typical for early gonocytes, but when stimulated, also showed an enhanced multilineage differentiation potential compared to ES cells in vitro. This work establishes the basis to generate germ cells for diverse applications in research and medicine.

Original publication:
Moshfegh, C. et al. A gonogenic stimulated transition of mouse embryonic stem cells with enhanced control of diverse differentiation pathways. Scientific Reports. doi: 10.1038/srep25104

Our research at a glance



Seminar by Prof. Collin Ewald [ETH, Zurich] entitled: "Prolonged ECM homeostasis is important for healthy aging"

The seminar takes place Monday, July 11 at 15:30 in the painted room (HCI E401).

Vahid's paper about the silver nanowires' application for cell electromechanical stimulations published in Advanced Healthcare Materials.

Cameron's paper about the enhanced differentiation of embryonic stem cells got published.

Congratulations! Now available in Scientific Reports.

Olivera's paper about electrospun DegraPol tube delivering PDGF-BB for tendon rupture repair application got published.
Congratulations! Now available in Macromolecular Bioscience.

Florian‘s paper about improved MARTINI simulations of protein-lipid interfaces got published.
Congratulations! Now available in the Journal of Chemical Theory and Comuptation.


Seminar by Prof. Eric Dufresne [ETH, Zurich] entitled: "Self Assembly and Mechanics of Living Systems"
The seminar takes place Friday, April 1 at 10:30 am in the painted room.


Seminar by Dr. Bojun Li [AO Fundation, Switzerland] entitled: "Monitoring live human mesenchymal stem cell differentiation"
The seminar takes place Wednesday, March 16 at 11:30 am in the painted room.


Melanie's paper about synergistic interactions of blood cells and implant materials got published
Congratulations! Now available in Scientific Reports


Dr. Lina Aires has been awared the ETH Medal
Congratulations! For her outstanding doctoral thesis Lina Aires was awarded with the ETH Medal.

Ima's paper about how fimbriated bacteria evade antibiotics got published
Congratulations! Now available in Scientific Reports

Maria's paper about endothelial cell migration along fibronectin fibers got published.
Congratulations! Now available in   PLoS ONE

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