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Stretchable Silver Nanowire Microelectrodes on a Chip


The use of stretchable electrodes interfaced with the human body has enabled a new frontier in biomedical engineering, and the miniaturization of such electrodes can allow for a more precise spatial control to monitor or stimulate tissues. The understanding of the response of cells or tissues to combined electromechanical stimulation, as made possible by stretchable electrodes, is essential to improve medical devices and therapies. Cheap to produce and easy to use platforms for in vitro cell studies are thus urgently needed. This study reports the successful implementation of silver nanowires (AgNWs) into an integrated miniaturized electromechanical stimulator, which is compatible with cell culture. The innovative steps include a lithography-based lift-off method to micropattern AgNWs onto an elastic silicone membrane. These stretchable microelectrodes are then integrated into a microfluidic device for cell culture, which enables the synchronous electromechanical stimulation of cells. In a proof-of-concept study, it is furthermore shown that fibroblasts respond uniquely to mechanical stretching, electrical stimulation, and combined electromechanical stimulations in terms of cell alignment and morphology, as well as by producing the extracellular matrix protein collagen. This proof-of-concept study illustrates the functionality and usability of these stretchable AgNWs microelectrodes for either basic research or future biomedical applications.

Original publication:
Hosseini, V. et al. Stretchable Silver Nanowire Microelectrodes for Combined Mechanical and Electrical Stimulation of Cells. doi: 10.1002/adhm.201600045

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Congratulation to Philippe Emge & Jens Moeller for their publication about the Resilience of bacterial quorum sensing against fluid flow in Scientific Reports.

Fantastic! Samuel Hertig's works about the visualization of macromolecules and proteins highlighted in Bern local newspaper.

Advanced Healthcare Materials' Front Cover Picture featured Vahid's paper about the inclusion of stretchable electrodes for lab on chip electromechanical cell stimulator. Find out more.  Congratulations!

Congratulations! to Jasper for his paper about the role of Fn on migration of fibroblast in collagen microtissues in PLoS ONE.

Tadahiro's paper about the cell sheet mechanics and how geometrical constraints induce the detachment of cell sheets from concave surfaces got published in Acta Biomaterialia. Congratulations!

Vahid's paper about the silver nanowires' application for cell electromechanical stimulations published in Advanced Healthcare Materials.

Cameron's paper about the enhanced differentiation of embryonic stem cells got published.

Congratulations! Now available in Scientific Reports.

Olivera's paper about electrospun DegraPol tube delivering PDGF-BB for tendon rupture repair application got published.
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Florian‘s paper about improved MARTINI simulations of protein-lipid interfaces got published.
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Melanie's paper about synergistic interactions of blood cells and implant materials got published
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Dr. Lina Aires has been awared the ETH Medal
Congratulations! For her outstanding doctoral thesis Lina Aires was awarded with the ETH Medal.

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