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DegraPol® tube delivering PDGF-BB for tendon rupture repair


Major part of musculoskeletal injuries involve tendon and ligament injuries. Improved treatments are still needed in order to address several issues arising post-operatively like re-rupture, adhesion formation and insufficient mechanical properties of the tissues. Taking this into account, new emulsion electrospun double-layered tube, based on an elastic and biodegradable block copolymer (DegraPol®), delivering growth factors, more specifically PDGF-BB in a sustained manner has been developed. Aimed to be used for tendon rupture repair application, it allows sustained delivery of bioactive PDGF-BB, thus promoting tenocyte proliferation in vitro, while still retaining some of its mechanical properties and allowing proper operational and surgeon friendly handling.

Original publication:
Evrova, O. et al. Bioactive, Elastic, and Biodegradable Emulsion Electrospun DegraPol Tube Delivering PDGF-BB for Tendon Rupture Repair. Macromolecular Bioscience. doi: 10.1002/mabi.201500455

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